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lmao, and why am i laughing cause of this joke by the name angrylittleprincess. lets get some shit straight no one likes u cause if they did they wouldnt be telling u to go kill urself. ur not pretty ive seen dead bodies that look better than u. U actually make me puke at the fact i have to see ur brace face ugly ass face show up on my profile. and then u wonder why ur friend killed herself? cause she just as stupid as u are. and ull soon end up killing urself cause ur just like her a ugly, slutty, stupid, retarded,fat,dumb, trailer trash garbage eating, piece of shit. i bet u dont even know who ur real father is do u? let me ask u something was ur father fucking ur mom or was it ur mom fucking everyone in his family? i bet ur moms the biggest dope fiend in the world. lmao u make me laugh u beat my ass is like u being pretty aint happening so do me a new favor and kill urself 

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Posted on 09:36AM on Nov 18th, 2012
Excuse me really? You're a low life scum bag that has nothing better to do in life! She is not white trash I am thank yo very much I am a proud down home country girl and redneck! And get your facts right her friend didn't kill herself she died of a medication that the doctor gave her. And she is not fat or ugly! And oh I know her mom and she is not a ****! So why don't you get some real facts about her instead of making them up. I bet you think you're really cool don't you!? Well you're far from that! You're just a little b*tch that was probably bullied as a kid! Cause only people that were once bullied bullies others. I bet your life is **** if you have to pick on her! I want you to say this stuff to my face! Show up to my front door and tell me this! I bet you wont cause you are a little p*ssy that is to chicken to come say it to me or why don't you post it on my wall. I bet you wont! Oh and it was only one person that told her to go kill her self but that person told me to go do it before he told her to so goodbye!(:
Posted on 02:46PM on Nov 19th, 2012
Just so you know sir she is my best friend I know her me and her go to school with eachother and I wont stand hear and listen to her say crap about my best friend
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