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i am sorry

As promised i will now apologise for the comments i made toward someone on here. These comments where outa line, outa order and outa character of me. I wanted to apologise to alp or angrylittleprincess. I honestly wish i could take back what said to u but i cant so this is the best way i know how. I am sorry for the comments toward u ur family and ur friend that passed away. I hope some day u can forgive me for what i have said. Until that day take care and don't ever give up. :)

lmao u cant be serious?

lmao, and why am i laughing cause of this joke by the name angrylittleprincess. lets get some shit straight no one likes u cause if they did they wouldnt be telling u to go kill urself. ur not pretty ive seen dead bodies that look better than u. U actually make me puke at the fact i have to see ur brace face ugly ass face show up on my profile. and then u wonder why ur friend killed herself? cause she just as stupid as u are. and ull soon end up killing urself cause ur just like her a ugly, slutty, stupid, retarded,fat,dumb, trailer trash garbage eating, piece of shit. i bet u dont even know who ur real father is do u? let me ask u something was ur father fucking ur mom or was it ur mom fucking everyone in his family? i bet ur moms the biggest dope fiend in the world. lmao u make me laugh u beat my ass is like u being pretty aint happening so do me a new favor and kill urself 

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